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Our casual dining approach invites you to enjoy a relaxed family-friendly restaurant experience in Rochester, MN! We offer a full menu of vibrant dishes made from the freshest seasonally available ingredients inspired by our bountiful region. Discover a new favorite each time you visit as our menu changes to integrate the most recent harvest from our local farming partners.

And don’t forget about the beer! Our beers are made on-site, in our brewery, from a combination of locally foraged ingredients, regionally native grains, and wild hop varieties–they pair perfectly with our unique and rustic-style dishes!

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Our locally foraged ingredients –  wild mushrooms, herbs, flowers, and spices – combine to form a unique palate, inspired by our region. We use all-natural produce from local Southeastern Minnesota Farms, supporting sustainable agriculture and independent farming initiatives.

As a reflection of our brewing philosophy, our gourmet menu offers a selection of simple and vibrant dishes made with the freshest seasonally available ingredients. Discover new dishes as our menu changes to integrate the most recent harvest.

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Our beers are crafted like dreams, spontaneously creative and unrestricted, coupled with elements within our physical reality. Fostering vision and meaning, derived from sensory experience, we strive to promote a vibrant, sustainable community.

Brewed with love and passion, our beers aim to challenge and awaken the senses by employing time-honored traditions and fusing innovative brewing practices. Midwestern seasonal transitions offer opportunities to taste the terroir hidden within the Driftless Region. By supporting local farmers, we share this unique glimpse into the heart of flyover country’s agricultural treasures.

Motivated by positive forward thinkers, we invite you to adventure with us through the ever unfolding and evolving family of Forager’s beers.

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Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day unforgettable!

You can host your event or gathering in one of our private rooms here at the restaurant, or we can bring the party to you! Either way, we work with you to create the perfect menu and catering experience tailored just for you!

Private Rooms & Offsite Catering