Holiday Feast

Holiday Feast

Did you make your own Thanksgiving meal at home with all the trimmings and the incredibly mind shattering stress?! Is your china still stacked up on the kitchen table because no one has bothered to put it back in the china cabinet? Were you hoping by some miracle that leaving them out now will save you some work in a month when you’re back at it in the kitchen for Christmas?

Don’t do it to yourself again. Learn from your mistakes!

Forager Brewing Company is offering take home meals for your Christmas dinner. The only mess you’ll be cleaning up is the massive pile of wrapping paper from your gifts because the grunt work will be handled by our expert cooks here at Forager. We have put together a menu that will delight all of your guests – for parties up to twenty people. Just like our Thanksgiving take-home meal, you’ll also be able to order items ala carte. If you’d rather cook the ham yourself, you can do that and still bring home Sweet Potato Mash and Pineapple Raisin Chutney to accompany it. You’ll definitely want to include the locally-sourced dinner rolls, which are from Rochester bakery, The Gingerbread House. Of course, no Forager meal is complete without a growler (or two!) of your favorite seasonal Forager beer.

All of the ordering information and the mouthwatering details of the holiday menu are available here:


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