Brewery and Restaurant

Forager Brewery & RestaurantWelcome to Forager Brewing Company at the Kutzky Market! We offer the finest small batch beers and wood-fired pizzas. Our beers are made on site in our brewery from a combination of locally foraged ingredients, regionally native grains, and wild hop varieties. Throughout the year, various specialty beers will be available. We believe in offering our customers a large selection of carefully crafted beers to enjoy, while supporting local farmers and neighborhood businesses. Our sustainable brewing methods allow us to produce exceptional beers, only available in Minnesota. Our executive chef uses the same methodology as our master brewer to obtain the finest local ingredients for our wood fired pizzas. Everything about Forager is exceptional by nature.

Forage a path through the ever-evolving craft beer scene. Come join us for a flight and learn more about the art and science behind our brewing process. Meet other craft beer lovers and become a part of our growing community. Learn how to taste beer, look at beer, and appreciate beer for its unique qualities. Accompany us on a tour of our brewery and learn about the evolving ingredients our region offers. Sit down and have one of our signature wood-fired pizzas the whole family will enjoy. Attend our events throughout the year and expand your beer knowledge. With so much that Forager has to offer, you’re likely to discover a beer and a pizza made just for you.


Annie Henderson- Owner of Forager BreweryAnnie Henderson – Owner

Annie lives in Kutzky Park and has a passion for hard work and starting new businesses that are community assets. Although she owns and operates Citywide Appraisals as her day job, Annie’s interest in the community is evidenced by her leadership roles with the boards of the Rochester Downtown Alliance and C4, a Community non-profit supporting local artists that fosters the growth of community art programs and raises public awareness for the arts. Before starting her real estate business, Annie put herself through college working at a variety of restaurants in management positions. Annie met head brewer Austin Jevne while he was working at the Thirsty Belgian. Thirsty Belgian owners and mutual friends Jon and Juli Carisch introduced Annie and Austin, knowing that the combination of Austin’s passion for brewing and Annie’s ability to get things done would result in something they could be proud to support.


Austin- Head Brewer Forager BreweryAustin Jevne – Head Brewer

Austin has been homebrewing since he was 21-years-old. He first learned from a friend, assisting in the process of making a homebrew beer for a wedding. Soon after, he purchased his own brewing equipment. Austin loved homebrewing so much, he decided to make his passion a career, and began working for Rush River Brewing, Wisconsin. While working for the brewing company, Austin oversaw quality control and maintenance on the bottling line, assisted in keg operations, and assisting at beer tasting events – while informing customers about the brand, beer varieties, and different flavor profiles. Austin spent time working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources where he developed a passion for foraging wild ingredients from the relatively unpopulated forest lands and prairies of Southeastern Minnesota. Using this special skill, he’s worked on developing unique beer recipes with foraged ingredients over the years. He enjoys educating others about the craft beer industry – and how to be as local and sustainable as you can.  As Austin was busy starting Forager Brewing Company, he worked for the great owners of the Thirsty Belgian in Rochester, MN.


Paul Metz- Assistant BrewerPaul Metz –Assistant Brewer

Paul first started homebrewing with Austin, as they both began producing homebrewed batches of beer at the same time. He apprenticed for five months under the head brewer at a Minneapolis brewpub establishment – The Herkimer Pub & Brewery. Paul specializes in craft German brew techniques.