Our Brewery

Brewing Philosophy

We’ve developed an insatiable passion for creating special beers and teaching others about the craft beer industry.

The process we use to forage our ingredients from the wild and source from local farms further enhances the rewarding experience of hand-crafting our own brews.

By brewing a large variety of small batches, we’re able to keep all of our ales fresh, while continuously supporting Southeastern Minnesota farming communities and initiatives. Our foraging ideology presents us with a world of brewing possibilities. With unlimited creative potential, we can craft an unlimited variety of speciality beers using the organic and all-natural ingredients found in our own backyard – producing a brew that’s uniformly sustainable and absolutely delicious.

Whether you’re an avid beer drinker or new to the craft beer scene, we’re excited to share our beers with you and teach you all about our brewing process.

Our Ingredients

We use the highest-quality ingredients in all of our beers, utilizing the bounty that nature yields all year round. Our locally foraged Minnesota and Wisconsin hop varieties are freshly harvested – along with other indigenous flavor components such as wild fruits, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, and spices from the region. We work with smaller, local farms to supply us with additional ingredients not found directly in the wild. With the limited amount of ingredients available to us, we keep our batches small and our ales fresh.

Brewing Process

During our brewing process, we use a special mashing technique which allows us to extract two different runnings of wort – a liquid drain from mash used to create fermented beer. The first runnings of wort, extremely rich in sugar, are extracted through a process called sparging and placed into a separate boil kettle. We use this first batch to produce our imperial style beers. We then place the second runnings of wort into a boil kettle to create other kinds of beer – with different alcohol levels, flavor profiles, and complexity. Our imperial beers are then aged in honey soaked bourbon barrels.

Every 6 weeks, Forager Brewing Company receives ten 15 gallon oak barrels used once at various micro-distilleries around the country, then used again at Turkey Hill Apiary* to produce their Minnesota bourbon barrel, wildflower honey. Once Turkey Avery Hill’s all-natural honey has been aged for six weeks, they draw out their product and we purchase the barrels. The honey soaked bourbon barrels we receive are used to create a variety of imperial sour ales, aged between one month and three years.

* Turkey Hill Apiary operates on 20 acres of forest and restored prairie just outside of Lakeville, MN.


Learn more about our brewing process through a Brewery Tour! Check out the Tours page for more information.