Meet the Head Brewer – Austin Jevne

Austin has been homebrewing since he was 21-years-old.

He first learned from a friend, assisting in the process of making a homebrew beer for a wedding. Soon after, he purchased his own brewing equipment. Austin loved homebrewing so much, he decided to make his passion a career and began working for Rush River Brewing, Wisconsin. While working for the brewing company, Austin oversaw quality control and maintenance on the bottling line, assisted in keg operations, and assisting at beer tasting events – while informing customers about the brand, beer varieties, and different flavor profiles. Austin spent time working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources where he developed a passion for foraging wild ingredients from the relatively unpopulated forest lands and prairies of Southeastern Minnesota. Using this special skill, he’s worked on developing unique beer recipes with foraged ingredients over the years. He enjoys educating others about the craft beer industry – and how to be as local and sustainable as you can.

As Austin was busy starting Forager Brewing Company, he worked for the great owners of the Thirsty Belgian in Rochester, MN.